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Women's and girls' external genitals come in many textures, shapes, colors, and sizes. There is - or was - a group of women in America who administered testosterone to themselves to experience the powerful sexual urges which it produces. In the process, they experienced hair growth, masculinization, and growth of the clitoris. (These were all thought to be a price worth paying for the excitement and rush of the testosterone.)

So the question arises - how big is big where  a clitoris is concerned? And can a woman ever expect to see her clitoris enlarge naturally?

A correspondent to this site writes:

I don't know how interested in this you'll be, but I thought I'd show you these. As you may or may not know, I'm definitely a clit man. I love clits, and the bigger the better. My wife's  clitoris has always been very small.

The first photos are taken in the last half of the '90s.

clitoris picture clit pictures

As you can see, her clitoris was pretty small but  quite functional. I'd look at pictures of big clits on the web and dream that my wife could have one of those for me to suck on. She started on hormone replacement therapy in September or October of 2006. The second row of images was taken December 31 of that year. You can see that there is already some increase in size.

clitoris pictures

The pictures in the third row were taken exactly one year later, on January 1, 2008.

clit pictures clit pics

There is a substantial increase in size now, but she was just post-coital, so it was larger than usual.  

The last two rows were taken January 1 2009.  She wasn't particularly aroused at the time because I'd just finished shaving her in preparation for some photography. Just about any attention given to her pussy will arouse her somewhat. I finished cleaning off the shaving cream and spread her open. Imagine my delight when I saw how big her clitoris had become since the last time I'd examined it carefully.  

clitoris picture

clit pictures

Usually when she's climaxed under my tongue she's too sensitive to be touched, so I hadn't pulled up her clitoral hood for a while. She's on estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. This kind of clitoris enlargement I'd expect to see in female body builders that massively overdose. My wife's testosterone blood levels are normal for her age. She is growing a little bit of thin hair, on her abdomen, but you have to look closely to see it. (I grew so much black hair on my stomach under the influence of testosterone therapy I had it lasered off.)  

So this is my own private miracle, a wife with a big clitoris that continues to grow. Maybe in a year or two I'll be giving HER a blowjob. She doesn't have the libido to "match" her clitoris size, but we did have sex three times in five days last week.

With so much shame around the genitals it may be helpful for women to look at vagina pictures so they can see how other women's genitals look. The clitoris photos below are taken from the internet.

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